20 -          16

Sorry for the late posting but we were delayed by our San Diego road trip (another disaster).  The game was a bust but our annual roast pig game was another great tailgate.

(Click picture for larger view)

Early arrival for a long day

Annie and Victor are set to go

PL Tommy, Gerri and Angela are ready for San Diego

Security John observes the preps

Sharon waits but no sushi today

The Devil preps for breakfast

The first Bobbsie Twin (Lori) says hi to Fely

Joe poses with Tony R, the guest of honor

Pre-pig snacks of smoked shoulder whet the appetite

Is "Three Bobbsie Twins" an oxymoron?

The EagleMobile Leprechaun is well named

Swoop and Victor on patrol

Toolbox is game-ready

"I'm not a real Cowboy, I just borrowed this hat"

Hat's off, it's carvin' time

Tony R is open for business...

Toolbox bites the visible appendage...

...but he won't roll over

Becky tastes the first slice

The true hat owner enjoys a beer and greasy hair courtesy of the EagleMobile

Fely is ready for some pig

Russell and Annie are all smiles

The EagleMoBeetle visits...

...powered by natural resources

Run!! Toolbox is behind the wheel

Tat Man shows his ink

OK, now it's the Bobbsie Quads!!!

Jimmie visits at sundown

Aussies party before kick-off

Jacki and Phyllis are in bad company

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