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With the alignment of stars yesterday the 'Birds are going to the dance where anything can happen.  Oh yea, and the Cowboys are going home.  This was the best game at the Linc since the 2004 Championship game when beer and Michael Vick froze and the 'Birds went to the Super Bowl.  The crowd closed the 2008 home tailgate season in style.

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The parking lot is lonely at set-up time...

and the winds are high...

...so we strap down the awning

The Devil rolls up his sleeves and prepares for the day's distruction

Bacon is on the grill...

and the first omelet of the day...

attracts the ESPN camera crew

PJ starts the soup

Trish won't show her Cowboys thong

Russ and Sergei chill early

Jason and Peter are in their spot

The Devil, Tommy and Craig, the designated driver

Fely welcomes Lisa and Tarra

Donna and birthday girl Katie

The Devil is recruiting Toolbox...

...and she shares her brew with Grand Master B

Fely's alert, no lucky nap yet

The barstools arrive before the bar

Marge and PJ at the bar

Lots of beef and wings for the crowd

The San Diego rail flipper and Kim

The lucky nap arrives and boy did it work!!!

Chris McP delivers an Eagles website print from Thanksgiving

Chris from the Vet 733 is back on the bandwagon with his crew

Beasley makes a quick stop and accurately predicts all the things to come this day

Mike Quick has some of Steve's soup...

...but Victor enjoys his favorite

Jimmy is finishing his coffee before he hits the chow line

Grand Master B and his posse

Eddie and his friends

Steve and Richie share some wine

Is Tarra recruiting Katie for Hooters?

Officer Dougie with the Section 239 gang

Katie and the Pep Band

Grady and Laurie teach their 3 year old how to hate the Cowboys

Bennie the Mummer gives a Philly welcome to a misguided soul

Dougie beware, this is the toll of patrolling the streets



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