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The 'Birds came up small and it is time to start looking to next year for better football.  In the meantime, we can still tailgate and yesterday was a great one.  Enjoy the pictures.

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We arrive at noon and set up for a night game

Peter and crew were waiting for us

Alexis wants to change spots

PJ preps the clams for later

But wait, no bartender

Pretzel Boy (Kieran) to the rescue

Shecrab soup makins'

PJ will teach Anthony the recipe

"Pour the cream slowly, Grasshopper"

Barter currency for our "special" guest...

...and he arrives in his own luxury vehicle

The crew lines up to greet him...

Joe checks him out and his ears are cold

San Antonio TV, meet our "special" guest, T.O.

Our guest is ready to party...

...and Big Ed and Tony cut him in

Toolbox always did like T.O.

The crew enjoyed him in bite size pieces

This is NOT a family portrait

Dave mugs it up

Victor arrives on his crotch rocket

Eat your heart out, Toolbox

Pig, Joe, Pig (Sorry Victor)

Kieran has 'em lined up...

...and comes back to reload

More Baynes clan, (r to l) Tommy, brother Billy, Mike and Ron from Tampa

Alexis, your beer is getting warm and someone bummed your smokes

Lisa and Alexis

St. Matt's Cheerleaders

Merrill meets Alexis

Dave, Russ and Becky

"Sickle here..go under cover?..ok, I'll change"

Yo Eddie, no hat on drag detail

A future biker chick?

Dallas TV loves the toilet

JD is a Cowboys fan hiding in an Eagles shirt

Philly's finest enjoy the soup

Not the Pep Band but they were good

Baynes in-laws too

A good crowd...

...watchin' Colts-Patriots...

...gettin' ready for kick-off

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