14 November 2005

Cowboys 21 - EAGLES 20

WOW, this one hurt more than any since the Carolina Championship Game.  I am one game away from asking "Who wants to go to Detroit in February anyway?"  Well, the Game hurt but the tailgating was great. 

Check it out!!

Great visitors.  Beasley Reece from CBS TV 3, Sal Paolantonio from ESPN, Joe Cahn, the Commissioner of Tailgating and (UGH) two Cowboys fans.

Beasley signs his number

Sal and Big Ed

Commissioner Joe inspects the Big Ed's on the grill

CB Fan Trish came up with PJ and Lisa

CB Fan Troy was delivered by Joe the Chef

Good job Tony...is Trish next?

As many of you know Beasley Reece is a charter member of the Irish American Philly Sunday Morning Omelet Society.  This game was his first of the season at the Linc and his first opportunity to tour the EagleMobile.  Here are some shots of Beasley's reaction.

Signing his number

"This is Great!"

"I love it!"

Outside looks good too

The old crew gathers

Beasley stops by again after his show

The Rest of the day (and night)

Trish is a headliner on San Antonio TV until...

...they discover the EagleMobile toilet

Commissioner Joe gives Big Ed some tailgating tips

The hearse arrives for the T.O. Jersey funeral

And Big Ed volunteers as a pall bearer

Officer Mike visits his posse

Home Up