45 - 21

Where is that defense that held Tiki Barber to 51 rushing yards just over a month ago???  The rest of the NFC is stinking up the league just a little less than the 'Birds so it is not over yet but the Fat Lady is warming up her pipes.  This game was awful but we met a lot of new friends this trip.  We usually get a hostile reception on road trips but this time we were greeted with real Hoosier Hospitality.  Dave and Darlene, Jim, the Parking lot owner and his daughters, and Lisa's family and friends welcomed us and joined the tailgate fun.

(Click on picture for larger view)

EagleMobile 1 arrives

We set up to introduce cheesesteaks to the locals

Big Ed starts cooking the Big Eds

The smell of frying onions attracts some 'Birds fans...

...and they converge on the grill

Dave and his awesome motor home

Dave and Darlene showed us that famous Hoosier Hospitality

Jim and his daughters liked the cheesesteaks so much he comped the parking

Shelia, Tony and Kim give us the Indy welcome sign (in Philly we only use one finger)

Dwayne and Kim mug it up

The sun sets and Fely does her lucky pre-game rountine (didn't work)

Chris Logan and sons Andrew and Joseph join us

Chris McP from the Eagle's web site interviews the 'Birds fans

Chris is shocked by Lisa's attire...

...but he approves of the rear view

The Rest of the Day


The lamest banner in the NFL

(AFC Finalist???)

Home Up