24 -   26

A great win on Veteran's Day weekend. 

The 'Birds had to beat Peyton Manning and seven referees but they did so in fine fashion.

We also had another great tailgate.

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The Devil assembles his instruments of evil...

...and grins in anticipation of the day to come

Run!!! Toolbox has a knife!!

Mrs. Devil and evil personified share a smile

Fely's lucky nap is a success

Anthony and Jacki have soup duty

Artis Hicks smiles down on us all

Beasley is dapper in his Winter wear

Italian Roast Pork sandwich in a tube

Four omeletes on the griddle, a record

$2400 in a bottle. Even the paper bag was gilded

A Mike Vick salute?

Sam (James) shows Katie a little Captain

Our Canadian adoption program continues

12 o'clock Tommy arrives...

...and is surrounded by Baynes' clan members and Florida friends

5 o'clock Tommy takes a first half time out

Big Ed and Tom sample Sharon's dumplings

Janet and Bernie meet Tony Luke...

...and Swoop...

...and a star struck Janet visits the Devil to relax

It was cold but not yet sock weather

Vick, anti-Vick

Swoop poses with more of the crew

Gerry makes a return

Russ is all smiles at the grill

Kim is still recovering from her Midget Wrestling experience

Reuters documents Tony at the grill...

...the Cowboys homage...

...and the Devil at work

Smiles up and down the ladder

Eddie brings two EagleMobile first timers

The smile on the left will soon turn upside down

The rest of the day

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