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The 'Birds bounced back with a strong win over a bad team and the crew weathered a rainy start for another great tailgate.

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A rainy set up greets us...

...but breakfast is on the way...

...and the first omelet of the day is served

The Devil prepares round one

Toolbox and Mark stay dry

Swedish Fish, round two

Merrill is ready for a big game

Beasley is carrying his rain gear

Russ and Jim are ready

Tommy and nephew get primed

The grasshopper takes over the soup prep

The Bobbsie Twins (Stacy's lookin' good but Lori is way too thin)

Fely was peppy so Peter does the lucky pre-game routine

Jeff, family and friends pay a visit

Mike and shipmates Gil and Leo

Tommy, Victor and a new helmet

Once a swabbie, always a swabbie

Bill and Steve (Sec 239 security) look hungry (we feed 'em)

Eddie arrives in style

Flame broiled leg of lamb was the star

Kat and Lexi say hello

Eddie feeds Mike while Big Ed peeks through

Tommy breaks out the Crown Reserve

Tony is dressed for battle...

...and outclasses the competition

The Devil is mobile and Toolbox approves

Toolbox and Big Ed in a pre-game chill

PJ is hyped and ready...

...but Lori is in fine form...

...and PJ is down for the count

The rest of the day

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