23 October 2005

EAGLES 20 - Chargers 17

WOW!!! The Fire Alarm Miracle at the Linc.  What a finish and the tailgating was great too!

Breakfast as usual

Who said Gilligan was dead?...Sorry Little Buddy, ah, I mean Gerry

Officer Eddie Sickle tosses the EagleMobile

...and finds a hat that fits!!

Annie joins Fely in her lucky pre-game routine

We love Philly's Finest...on or off duty

Is Jaws in two places at once?...or is it Big Ed?

Tom from RealGuySports shoots the EagleMobile gang

Is the RealGuySports award in the EagleMobile's future?

Early-leaving non-believers watch the Fire Alarm Miracle at the EagleMobile

The rest of the day

Home Up