21 - 17

The Coach has lost his team and the team has lost it's heart.  This was the poorest 'Birds showing since Ray Rhodes left town.  It is all over but the tailgating and that was great.

(Click picture for larger view)

We arrive with a limited crew

Parking Lot Tommy on his last day

Russ and Berj arrive

Big Ed wearing his birthday present...

...thanks Kieran!

Toolbox makes lethal Bloody Marys

Bernie and Janet relax...

...until Bernie is recruited as stand-in photographer

Omelets are back

The 733 crew has some new additions

Grasshopper preps soup

Greg takes "time out" for an omelet

Russ prepares the lamb

Kim and Dad

Delilah's cooks for Steve and the Eaglemobile

Mike protects his bike from Toolbox

The bartender arrives...

...with more of the Baynes clan as designated drivers...

...Tomakazi prep begins...

...secret ingredients flow...

...more to go...

...Toolbox inspects...

...and they pass the taste test

Delilah's girl visits the bartender

Bernie meets Tatman

His newest is an homage to Chris McP

Anthony gets TV time

The Drumline visits

Mark is working again?

No, Anthony fixes it...

...and Mark takes credit

The lamb is ready...

...craving begins...

...and the lion feeds

Call to colors

Toolbox sells raffle tickets for shots

Big Ed picks the winner

First Prize!!! (and $500 for Tony)

Happy Birthday Chris

Beasley makes a visit

It's quiet after kick-off

Victor and Jimmy have some soup

Home Up