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OK everyone, ask the question "Where has THIS team been the last 3 weeks???"  The 'Birds roasted the Cardinals and we roasted and fried many turkeys and had a prime rib and leg of lambs as well.  It was a great game and one of the best tailgates as all our parking lot mates combined for a super holiday feast.

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The new Bobbsey Twins, eat your hearts out Stacy and Lori

Set-up for our biggest spread yet

Toolbox and family

Parking Lot Tommy and family

Joe arrives with the heavy duty equipment

Big Ed preps turkey and prime rib

The serving line is set for action

Big Ed, don't smell your fingers

Jason, your supposed to COOK it!!

A big plug for Joe

The fry candidates are lined up and ready

Roasting birds and prime ribs, oh my!!

No devil today, it's "Tomakazis" at the bar

Fely stays standing and skips her lucky pre-game routine (didn't matter)

Into the boiling oil...

...and no fires

Chris McP enjoys the tailgate instead of working it

We are getting closer

Three of the cooking crew at the roaster...

...and two at the frier serving line

The NFL Network records the first carving...

...and the prime rib disappears as soon as it's cut

What kind of herbs are in there Big Ed?

Canadian walk-ups who have never tailgated

Bealzabub, Satan and Little Lucifer do stop for a visit

Dave, the guy who likes Eric, and his idol

PJ, Ed and Tyler are ready to eat...

...and Tyler wastes no time

Big Ed, Big Jim, and friends

The Pep Band in one of many "Fly Eagle Fly" renditions of the evening

Joyce and Carly at the first EagleMobile visit

Yo Ed, you need some rest

The Bouncers end the evening

The rest of the day


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