14 -   33

Another big win against a bad team.  Donovan looked sharp in his return and another big offensive weapon emerged in Jeremy Maclin.  Oh yea, and JERRREEEMIAAAH TROTTEEEEER returned (and Big Ed's voice is shot as a result). It was also another great tailgate as we had old friends, first-time gamers and more Canadians join us.

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Arrival and set-up underway


Mike poses for a new crew picture

How can such innocence be so evil behind a bar?

Bernie and Janet return for another year...

...and Janet opens the breakfast line

Toolbox and Mark are all smiles now but...

...isn't it supposed to be "belly" bumping?

Tommy is in fine form early

Without the grasshopper or the right tools, PJ improvises on the soup

Beasley makes his pre-game visit

NFL Films shoots for posterity

Lori and Shannon are ready

First EagleMobile visit for Canadians Jen and Mike

PJ and sister Marge

Big Ed does Fely's lucky pre-game routine in her absence

Byron and Jamie finally arrive

Marge and Victor share a smile

Ben and the gang ham it up for Fox pre-game fun

Cleanliness is next to ...wait isn't this the Devil?

Joe Cahn, Commisioner of Tailgating for the United States, makes his annual visit

Kevin (first timer) Tory and Lynn arrive

Richie, Dave and their crew

Swoop visits the tailgate scene

Richie and Rita stop by for EagleMobile "take out"

Lynn enjoys two of the three main food groups

Grady and family stop by for a visit

Comcast gets Big Ed's views on the game

PJ is still seeking victory...

...but he's down for the count again...

...and the Champ stands unmoved

Bill and Jim from Section 239 chill post-game

Victory, Jimmy and Big Ed say good-bye for a few weeks

The rest of the day

Home Up