30 -    10

A great game and another step to a possible post-season  The 'Birds are on a roll and we are seeing more night game tailgates.  The food and parking lot fun matched the game and set the stage for a great Christmas.

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The wind hits set up hard

The Bobbsey Twins-Stacy and Judas

Tommy is alone and advertising

The Brothers Three

Yo Tommy - Whatcha lookin' at?

Victor is on duty and investigating

The Devil stirs the caldron of brew

Yo Tommy-Whatcha grabbin?

PJ, Toolbox, Mike and Rich

PJ gets the soup going...

...and Victor looks hungry

Fely stayed home so Big Ed does the lucky routine (it worked)

Annie and Russ are all smiles

"Officer - Number one did it!!"

Mike protests his workload

Ben and Jennifer arrive after dark

Toys 4 Tots game so the Marines are out in force...

...and the girls do their part for troop morale

Toolbox, he looks just like Mark

Gary stops by but he runs away...

...when Eric goes mobile

Toolbox on patrol

The Pep Band makes their regular stop

Santa (Big Ed) with birthday girls Annie and Jennifer

The rest of the day


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