27 -  30

It was a nail-biter that was too close for comfort but a win that could extend the tailgating season by one or possibly two more games. The return of Brian Dawkins spawned mixed emotions as many of the pictures indicate.  As usual, a great tailgate preceded a need win.

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Toolbox is a traitor for a day (a common theme on Dawkins Day)

Russ and brother Nelson are early arrivals

Setup is smooth as usual

Beasley makes a pre-show stop to wish all Happy Holidays

Omelets are on the grill...

...and PJ enjoys the first one

Scrapple joins the breakfast menu

Traitor Toolbox on a Rocky Mountain high

Sharon brought home-made sushi

Why we tailgate

Philly's finest gets the first bowl of soup

The Dawkins dilemma divides families

We have a bar but where is the bartender?

The replacement bartender arrives

Tommy lines up his tools...

..and then lines up the drinks...

..oh no, he finds the whistle and bell (Kim reacts)...

...but everyone drinks 'em down

A couple who found us while wondering the parking lot

Beasley stops back for post-show soup

The animal lover is back again

...and he even chartered an airplane

Many Dawkins fans gather

Not the Pep Band but pretty good

Another leg of lamb grilled to perfection

..its rare and ready to eat...

...and it is lion feeding time at the EagleMobile

Victor and Jimmy "cop" some shade

Twins again, the Bobbsies pose with Fely

And PJ gets some love too

Fely's out and about so Big Ed does the lucky nap

Annie and Dezi enjoy their omelets

Eddie arrives with replacement batteries for the photographer

Lori and Joe share a smile

Bill and son Dan visit and bring Budweiser and somewhere Tony smiles

Grand Master B and the future Misses B

The future Misses B in a belated birthday celebration

Grandma B visits PJ and more of the Baynes clan

The Vet 733 guys bring Grizzly Mayer back from his Alaska excursion

Kim joins the Dawkins lovefest

Fely finally does the real thing (and we needed it)

Victor back on patrol

The best expression of the day's mixed emotions

Big Ed's smile is from natural causes

PJ and the Virginia Beach bar guy

Home Up