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A good end to a disappointing season.  It looks like Donovan may be back to his pre-injury form and should be back next year for a deep post season run.  The weather was as bad as the last three tailgates but we had fun.  We celebrated Eddie Sickel's retirement and made some new friends. 

The Day in Pictures

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Luckily the Domenicos were not at Iwo Jima

Preping for the final omelets of the season

Yo Eddie, you forgot something...

...ah, they're still missing

Victor is making this week's soup...

...Mark and PJ check on it...

...and Victor declares success

Victor and Toolbox schmooze

Joe and Eric mug it up

Woody and son join the crew

Dave presents Big Ed with a Trotter signed "Axe Man" axe

Tommy wants a warm weather '08 road trip (Eddie needs these more)

Tommy also has some fuzzy dice...

...and hangs 'em where they belong

Mary, Chris and Larry meet the Devil

Chris McP gets a final comment from Big Ed

Toolbox and Tommy do a New Year's Butt Bump

The Sickel clan is out in force for Eddie's retirement game

Bart keeps an eye on the bartender and the crew

Brian joins in Eddie's send-off

Chris and the 733 gang bring in fresh meat

Big Jim was in Green Bay and he's here for the end too

The Pep Band gives Eddie a retirement Fight Song serenade

Kenny (aka Pinto Ron) the World Famous Bills Fan joins us for a post game beer

The rest of the day

Home Up