30 - 24

Well, the mistakes were back and so was the losing football.  The Season is not yet over but it IS slipping away.  Good tailgate though.

The Tailgate (note the long shadow of the stand-in photographer)

(Click picture for larger view)

Weekday games mean parking lot access wait...

...but we finally get in

Setup is fast...

...but still having bartender issues

Two active duty sailors join us for the day

The cooks prep sausage and soup

Ben has a new hat

Noah puts his Morimoto training to good use

Newest parking lot denizen, Litter Bug

Who is he calling for directions?

"First, cranberry juice?"

The he remembers, peach schnapps next

Finally, the Skyy's the limit

Victor visits in mufti...

...but still declares the soup ready

The trowback bike cops are here again

Bill brings Kim to the tailgate and game

Big Jim is here too

Tommy lines 'em up...

...and everyone partakes

Joe Conklin and Delilah's girls visit

Bobbsie's and Big Ed

Anthony and Russ sharing the grill?

Mike the modern bike cop enjoys the soup

Commisioner of Tailgating Joe Cahn is out of focus!

The girls in red light

The cooks wrap a long grill day with pride

The rest of the day

Home Up