19   -   16

It was another bummer of a game.  We haven't had this big of a letdown since last year in Tampa.  At least the tailgating was great.

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Gerry and Big Ed start the omelets

Ben and Jenny arrive

Ben finds the satellite

Eric prepares for the onslaught

Parking lot cheerleaders do a tumble

PJ works on the crab bisque

Tony and Gerry work the grill

Joe the Chef works his fresh German sausages

Mike preps clams at his fifth last game (he finally leaves for Iraq next week)

Fely does her lucky pre-game routine (sorry Brendan, it didn't work)

...and she teaches it to Alexis (still didn't work)

Stacy fills-in for the missing bartender...

"Ogre, have you seen the bartender?"

"Gerry, Toolbox, wrong game!!"

Jimmy represents the local constabulary...

...and Kathleen represents the Feds

Russ and Dave hold a spot...

...and Tommy and Chris finally arrive from the Outer Banks

Grand Master B and Charlie mug it up

Marge is awake for this one (but not for long)

Heather and her Mom visit from Florida

Chris McPhearson meets Alexis (thanks for the favor Chris)

Heather meets Sean McNabb (Big 5's big brother)

Sean Considine's Aunt and Uncle also visit

The rest of the day


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