24 - 23   

The  'Birds blew another late lead, this is rapidly become a very painful season. To top off a horrible day, the Phillies blew a lead too.  But we are diehards so we will persevere and continue to tailgate.  It was another fun morning in thee parking lot.  Also, Jason Ott of Marlton, NJ, was the winner of the Byrne Family Trust raffle of two tickets to the Eagles-Redskins game on New Year's Day.  The $1000 Grand Prize raffle will be held on 3 October.

The Tailgate

Set up is moist

Byron and Jamie arrive

Soup prep begins...

...and Sam preps breakfast

The first omelete is on

Grasshopper is on his own with the soup...

...and he delivers a success

The parking lot crew enjoys breakfast

Steve's crew goes Tiki

Fely and the Bartender (substitute) are recovering

The bar is ready but no Bartender

The makin's arrive...

...the full supply is lined up...

...the Bartender finally emerges...

...precise measurement commences...

...each ingredient meticulously added...

...peach schnapps the final touch...

...shaken, not stirred...


...officially sanctioned...

...and it is first call to colors!!

Lunch prep begins

Big Ed and Greg declare a TV time out

It will take more than lucky naps this year

The Eagles' Drumline gives us a half-time preview...

...and a nifty Christtmas present idea

Tom-a-kazis are in full swing

The Security crew eats

Please, can I go to my first Eagles game? (Hanna gets her wish)

Swoop's charm does not phase Alexis

Our first Canadians of the year

Hugs for the substitute

Ritchie arrives for take-out

The Vet 733 crowd is also here

Philly's finest enjoy the soup

The grill crew is all smiles

The rest of the day


Home Up